Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things are looking up

Things are looking better for my son and I am feeling a little more relieved. I put him on 1/2 dose of calcium caltrate and that has controlled his diarrhea very well. No diarrhea= no pain so he hasn't had the severe pain attacks at all. It has been 4 days. Also he is still on a pretty bland diet but I just bought him some baby food and am introducing some veggies back in. I found some chewable digestive enzymes for him to take. From what I read, people who could not tolerate most food could eat almost everything when they took this stuff. I'm still going to introduce things one at a time and am using the Eating for IBS recipe book as a guide. I know he is not back to normal quite yet as he continues to have some gas and cramping as well as queasiness. I have been giving him peppermint tea and peppermint altoids and he has been on the probiotics for two weeks which have been working great. I have to say all these remedies have worked a lot better than any prescription drug that I have given him.

We are supposed to take him in for more blood work as requested by Children's Hospital so I am hopeful they will be able to squeeze us in the near future as soon as we get those results back.


The Family Jewels said...

I take a digestive enzyme anytime I eat anything that is cooked. It is especially recommended when eating beef...all of that protein all at once is a lot for your body. I am glad that you are finding things that are finally working for your son! You are such a great mom! Keep up the great work!

BetteJo said...

Thinking about you and your son, nothing worse as a Mom than not being able to kiss it and make it go away.

You will find the answers. You will.

palette48 said...

Thanks Tonia and Bette Jo! I feel we are making some progress. I am still playing around with the dosage. I had to up the calcium as the diarrhea was starting to come back when I introduced some new foods. Today he is good again. Still not sure about how many enzyme pills to give or how often. I have him on the minimum ( bottle shows adult dose only). Since he is eating something every couple of hours, I have
just been giving him the enzymes at
mealtimes only. Anyway, it's a waiting game now to get into the doctors and to see if all this stuff will continue to work.