Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Appointment is finally made!

Children's finally called me to say that they would let me make an appointment for my son for next week. All I can say is that it's about time! However, they told me that we still did not have tests done that were requested but they would schedule us anyway. So after hearing that again, I called my doctor's office and read them the riot act for the second time about not giving us the info on the right tests that we needed . I received a call back from my doctor's nurse saying that she had all the emails from Children's and according to them, Children's did have all the test results that they needed and that I should have been able to schedule an appt on July 9th.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing because that is not what I was being told. I finally got a hospital number from her to call-some parent patient advocate line. I did call and told her what was going on about the run around I was getting and the fact that all I wanted to do was schedule an appointment and I could not! She told me that all test results have to be reviewed by the critical nurse dept before it is passed on to what ever dept it needs to go to, in my son's case the GI dept and then it is reviewed again by the GI doctors. What I think happened was the critical nurse dept was telling my doctor's office one story and the GI department was telling the receptionists handling my appointment a different story. That was why there was massive confusion and I was in the middle of it all getting mad at everyone.

Children's has heard my complaints and I am still not finished. I am supposed to contact their hospital relations person to give them feedback about my experience dealing with their hospital and believe me they are going to hear every sordid detail of what I had to go through!


The Family Jewels said...

I am so glad that you finally got through AND you got an appointment. I hope that all of the test results get through so that your appointment time can go smoothly. Let me know when your appointment is so I can say extra prayers for you and your son on that day.

Blessings to you, Tonia

palette48 said...


Thanks for the prayers. It will be next Thursday and I have to say after getting this kind of treatment, I don't have a lot of faith in the doctors. Anyway, I did talk to the hospital relations person so they are aware of what happened. Hopefully, this problem won't happen to someone else! I had to go back and apologize to the doctor's office as they did not screw up, the hospital was totally at fault.

BetteJo said...

PLEASE DO complain! It is the only way to get things changed. These days a lot of people are just accepting bad service and then lamenting about how bad it's gotten. Complain! Please!

And .. I'm sure the hands on care at that hospital is much better than their administrative talents would lead you to believe.

Hoping for answers soon~

palette48 said...

Bette jo,

I did complain as much as I could. The lack of communication between departments was just horrendous. The fact that no one was very helpful just compounded the issue. Anyway, the hospital did take this incident seriously and said they would work to improve things in the future. We will see.

Patsy Jackson said...

Gosh sounds like you are all having a really bad time with these docs! I hope the appointment goes well!

Your work is stunning - you are very talented :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog too :)