Monday, July 9, 2007

Some sites to see in Maui

Thought I would comment more on my trip to Maui. We stayed at the Maui Parkshores in Kihei. It was pretty reasonably priced compared to other condos that we looked at. The building is a lot older than some but the condos inside were updated and modern. Our building sat across the street from a park and then the beach. Being on the 2nd floor, we had a great view of the water.

Sunset on the boardwalk by the Grand Wailea Hotel ( You have to see this hotel to believe it. It is fantastic!)

The best snorkeling we did was on Honolua Bay north of Lahaina. It was very protected and the water was much calmer than in other areas that we had been to. My husband and son said they saw thousands of fish and some very big ones at that. They also saw a 3 legged turtle and heard parrot fish eating coral under the water.

Lahaina was fun to visit. Had lots of shops and was very crowded. There were some historical houses and little museums to visit. We stopped in the Chinese museum. We also watched old movies that Thomas Edison had made of Lahaina and Hawaii in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
That was very interesting. Ate at the Hula Grill in Whaler's Village in Ka'anapali. They served us outside in the sand with live music by the beach. The food was good and had great atmosphere.

The Saturday Market at Kahului was fun and found a couple of great gifts to buy. One was handmade paper with dried hawaiian flowers wrapped around a glass vase. I also found a jewelry maker that had really nice unusual pieces. I had met him earlier at another craft fair and told him about as a possible site to sell on. He was most appreciative for the info and gave me a great discount on a necklace that I bought from him.

On the road to Hana which was long and winding, we stopped at Ke'anae Peninsula. It was very pretty and loved the water spraying the shoreline. Also bought the famous banana bread from a stand near there, fresh out of the oven. It was delicious and warm.

Ke'anae Peninsula

Hamoa Beach had great surf and got to see some real surfers do their thing.

Made a stop at the Seven Sacred Pools. It was very windy and chilly so no one wanted to swim. It also was a pretty area to see and very treacherous too.

Went to Maui Ocean Center Aquarium on our last day. A little spendy at $23.00 per person also not very large but they did have some nice exhibits . Loved the sharks, rays , and the plexiglass tube that makes you have the feeling of being in the tank with the fish. They also had a diver in the tank that talked about the fish and answered questions from the kids.

We visited a friend that lives on the island and he let us play with his Jackson chameleons. Their sticky tongues will shoot out several inches and nab live cockroaches. They were so neat that we are interested in getting some ourselves.

Jackson Chameleon

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