Monday, July 23, 2007

The shower is done!

Yesterday was the wedding shower that I did for my best friend's daughter. The weather was a scorching 98 degrees but luckily we had a lot of big shade trees and the temperature started to drop. It was very comfortable sitting under the trees. I had about 40+ people come , down from the potential 100 but that was OK. It was much better that way and I didn't have to borrow as many tables and chairs.

(Some of my decorations in keeping with a health profession theme, I used horse syringes filled with mints and made a functional minature first aid kit with burn ointment, sting ointment, antibiotic wipe and waterproof bandages + a lifesaver mint thrown in for good measure.)

When I was putting my decorations out, the night before to see how they would look on the tables, I discovered that the flowers that I was going to use as centerpieces were way too big and they took up too much space on the table. I was in a panic for a short time. Luckily my husband reminded me that I had made up all these little first aid kits in little red bags that had tags with the bride and groom's name + wedding date. He said do something with those. So I got some empty round glass cylinder dishes that I had used for my son's graduation party, wrapped them in white tissue paper. Tied red ribbon into bows around them and filled them with the little red first aid kit bags. They were the right size and it worked on the table!

We served shrimp cocktail, sushi, salmon, BBQ pork tenderloin, wine, beer and other drinks along with 4 different salads. I was working hard but it was fun to do and the bride- to- be said, "It was the most perfect shower." So I am very happy!


BetteJo said...

I wanna marry into your family so I qualify for a shower!

Sounds absolutely lovely!

palette48 said...

Oh that's so nice of you to say! I'm glad my friend only has two daughters. I think I would run out of shower ideas if she had more than that!