Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tagged for the first time

Oh my gosh, I have been tagged by Tonia from Family Jewels.
It's my first time so here goes:

Five Things to do before I die:

1. Definitely I have to sky dive
2. Ride a horse along the ocean
3. See the world
4. Learn to play the guitar better
5. Learn to speak Spanish

Five things I can do:

1. Support my sons
2. Ride a horse
3. Paint
4. Ballroom dance
5. Be creative

Five things I cannot do yet:

1. Speak another language
2. Make Japanese food
3. Swim
4. Wear a bikini
5. Ski without making it into a suicidal run down the mountain

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Sense of humor
2. Shows affection and kindness
3. Has intelligence
4. A compassionate soul
5. Adventurous spirit

Five celebrity crushes (I think I am way passed this stage)

1 Viggo Mortensen ( loved him in the Lord of the Rings)
2. Clive Owen
3. Hayden Christensen (way too young for me but what the heck!)
4. Mark Wahlberg
5. Hugh Jackman

Sorry I don't have five others to tag. Maybe next time.


The Team said...

That is really nifty!

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The Family Jewels said...

Thank you for playing along. If yousend me your snail mail I will send you a gift like I am sending the others who played along. Have a great weekend!

palette48 said...

Thanks Tonia,

I am sorry to respond so late but have been working hard to pull this shower off and now that it's done, I can get caught up on other things. Thanks so much for wanting to send me a gift. That is so nice of you but not necessary. It was fun to be tagged.