Monday, July 16, 2007

Swimming against the current

I have been having one of those weeks where no matter what I do or say, nothing is getting accomplished or if it is, it's not without a struggle.

Case in point, I have been trying to get my son into Children's Hospital for testing. I have been calling them almost everyday and still do not have an appointment. They wanted his blood work results. The tests results came back on Thurs and were faxed to the hospital by my doctor's office. Friday, I called to set up an appointment. The hospital said they never got them. I then called my local doctor's office and had them send the results again. Today, I called the hospital and they said they never got them. I then asked how long does it take for a fax to get to them? Oh, 24 to 48 hours because the data has to be entered into the hospital's computers. Now I talked to the same person thursday, friday and monday and she neglected to tell me that it takes that long for the fax to get to their office!

I was trying to get some photos that are going to be part of my shower decorations developed at Costco. I had tried to upload photos to them and was being told that the photos were too low in resolution. Had to get hold of the bride -to-be and had her resend larger files, took another day. Then I tried to upload to Costco again and their photo processing department went down and no idea when it was going to be back up. Had to resend it to another Costco in another town which was a much further drive for me. Didn't want to do it there because I wanted to shop in the first town but had no choice.

My van totally died at the PO and tried to call my husband who was working in the field 30 miles away. He couldn't come to get me and the temperatures were in the triple digits. Finally got my hood opened and looked at the battery. Got the PO master to come out and jump my car. He couldn't get to his battery in his car so finally had another guy help me. Managed to drive my car home. My husband put the battery on a charger.Didn't help. Car was dead the next day. Luckily my husband stayed home from work that morning and went looking for a new battery. I didn't have to do it.

My older son is leaving for the university in a few weeks so I wanted to find out if our health insurance is going to work for him as we have managed care. Tried to call the insurance company and after listening to the entire automated response, found out that there was a phone outage and that I had to call back another day.

It seems nothing is simple these days and I just want to tear my hair out! I really want to go with the flow but the flow keeps backing up and I feel like I am swimming against the current every time!


BetteJo said...

Oh no!! Sounds like it's time to head back to Hawaii and dig those toes into the sand!
I hate that feeling of just running in place, it's like Murphy is just walking in lock-step with you wherever you go. UGH!

But it does get better. Still - if not Hawaii - it might be the time to take up drinking?


palette48 said...

Yes, a drink would be nice. My husband actually makes his own wine so he always has his stash on hand. Still needs some more refinement though as this is his second year making it. I guess I am a type A personality but I am learning it doesn't do much good getting frustrated with everything. It is much better to just go with it. In the end things tend to work out.