Saturday, July 17, 2010

Single White Peony

It has been really difficult painting and I think I was having painter's block problems. I have recently started doing  freelance writing and that has kept me really busy. But what has been amazing is that it got me motivated to paint more and work on all my other projects! I thought that I would have less time because of the writing and instead it seems I have more.  This new painting, I finished in record time and it's called, "A Single White Peony".

Took me about 3 days off and on to complete it. I really need to invest in some new paints but I am trying to use up my old supplies before I do that. Anyway, I was happy with how it turned out. I love to do white flowers in watercolor. It's strange because I have a lot of trouble doing white dogs, must be the fur. My next project, I'm thinking grapes!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soulful Eyes, A New Cat Painting

I finally finished my new cat painting, an original watercolor called, "Soulful Eyes". It's a painting of my cat and it took quite awhile to finish it. Between my son and my dietary problems, plus I am also writing articles online, learning to play the guitar and just trying to keep up with the usual household duties, it's a wonder I have any time to paint at all. I just took some great shots of a white clematis growing on my arbor outside and I hope I can  start a painting on that soon.

Here are the various stages of "Soulful Eyes".

Just listed this on my etsy site.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally A New Pembroke Welsh Corgi Painting

I have neglected this blog way too long. My painting has been off the last several months and I thought I would try again to see what happens. Unlike other people, painting does not come easy for me. In fact, it can be a real struggle to have anything come out. I recently tried my hand at abstract with miserable results. I use to think abstract was easy. All you had to do with throw paint down on paper and that was it. Now I realize you have to know something about design and placement of things. I'm a very detailed oriented person and I think that could be a hinderance. All I know is how to paint what is in front of me and to visualize in abstract is completely foreign to my way thinking. Still, I want to keep trying. For now, I went back and painted the familiar so here is "Nap Time", portrait of a corgi.