Saturday, July 7, 2007

Western modern medicine and chronic illness do not go hand in hand

Finally got in to see the doctor. Usually go to see the PA and she is much more knowledgeable and will take the time to talk with you than the doctor. Anyway, I was totally unimpressed. He basically told me that he didn't know anything about my son's condition and he wasn't going to try. Said I shouldn't be calling it IBS yet as it was too premature. Also that kids don't have what my son has and he's never seen anything like it. My son dropped 7 lbs in 3 weeks and he couldn't advise me on what I should be doing to put more weight on him. He is going to send us to a specialist 3 hours away but it will take months to get in. He did say yeast showed up in one of my son's test but he had no idea what significance that was. I asked about Candida and he couldn't tell me anything about it. I just rolled my eyes. My poor son came out of there thinking there was no hope for him. I told him to just ignore what the doctor said. I didn't want to see this guy in the first place but the other doctor and PA were on vacation so I didn't have a choice. I am looking into the Candida aspect as it can give IBS symptoms too but it seems like the medical establishment doesn't believe that exists either. I am so mad I could spit. I am thinking of looking up a naturopath. They could get a handle on this a lot better than any "physician" can.


Anonymous said...

Palette48, I am one of your etsy customers and found your blog the day your site was empty and I got concerned . I just had to tell you I have IBS fo 20 plus years & never had symptoms like you sons. Please have more tests ! Go see a gastroenterologist, I think he needs a colonscopy & endoscopy ( they look in the stomach)You have to start ruling things out so you both feel better, My thoughts & prayers are with you both! Tina from Pa

palette48 said...


Thanks for the prayers and comments.
I am trying to get my son in for tests but it seems it's going to be quite awhile before he can be seen by a specialist. It is very frustrating.
I feel I am pretty much on my own trying to figure out what the problem is and no support from local doctors or ER. They won't touch him.

Sebastian said...

Hey Palette:

So sorry to hear about that. You and your son and your family are still in my prayers.

Medicine in the USA is overpriced, inaccessable, and often times overly dismissive.

I agree with what Tina said - find a specialist. A good doctor will not dismiss your son just because they "cannot find anything wrong with him." My grandma passed away from breast cancer back in the early 80's before they knew much about cancer. Just because doctors didn't know about breast cancer didn't mean she didn't have it.

If the American doctors won't help you, go to Canada or Europe.

Please give my best to your son for me :)


palette48 said...

Thanks Sebastian,

My son is being referred to a pediatric specialist as we speak but it will take months to get in. In the meantime, I am looking at alternative remedies to
get him some relief and some of these are actually helping.

BetteJo said...

I got into a large gastroenterology practice for a colonoscopy in a week. Your child is in crisis - what the hell is wrong with those doctors?? Oh this stuff makes me mad!

I agree with the others who said this doesn't sound like IBS, or at least not IBS alone. Once diagnosed - IBS is more of an annoyance than anything.

Stay angry right now - it's a great motivator for a Mom!

Take care~

palette48 said...

Thanks Bettejo,

I am frustrated. We have such a shortage of doctors here and no pediatric specialist around. It has gotten a lot worse in the last couple of years. Use to be that I could call
in to my local doctor and be seen that day. Now it's at least a day's wait and more like 2 to 3 to get in. It's a very scary feeling.