Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anatomy of a Painting

I decided to paint a corgi and here are the results of that project.

This painting is for sale in my etsy store. I used a lot of yellows, blues and reds, as well as burnt umber , burnt sienna and quinacridone gold. I love Daniel Smith watercolor paints. They are expensive but well worth the cost.


BetteJo said...

This is actually for the previous post. I asked my daughter for anything else she could think of for your college list and this is what she gave me:
School supplies?
A STAPLER! (teachers will not provide them and will ridicule those with unstapled pages)
Safety Pins
Paper clips
Push pins (most rooms have bulletin boards)
Garbage can(get a bigger one, its worth it)
Combo lock (for the gym--again, worth it)

Organizational doo-hickies recommended, as compact as possible--for instance: underbed storage box, tiered hangers, wheeled cart w/ drawers, go to THE CONTAINER STORE. =)

palette48 said...

Thanks for the additional supply list. I just sent my son to buy some more of these items. College will be here before you know it.