Sunday, June 24, 2007

Too much , too soon

I was up half the night with my son. He was having a bad night. I am not going to discount the diet yet but I was introducing many foods to him at once and that might have been part of the problem.
This is the longest he has gone with a flare-up and I'm beginning to feel the stress. I can't even imagine how parents can deal with a seriously ill or chronically sick child. I feel like we are going to have to take him in for more serious testing just to make sure it is the IBS. I am concerned about his nutrition because he's had to cut out everything. I have him on vitamins, trying to get him to take pedialyte. He hates it. I am going to look for the probiotics that another blogger had suggested in a previous post. At this point, I am trying every avenue.

On top of that, things I ordered (decorations) for the wedding shower that I am going to be doing are on back order. I still have a few weeks . I am also doing a scrapbook for the bride's mother. I only have 2 months to get it done and ordinarily it would have been a pleasure to do it but under these circumstances, it's going to be hard to put my heart into it.

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The Family Jewels said...

You and your family are in my prayers. I pray that you will find help for your son so he will have some relief soon.