Monday, November 19, 2007

Personalizing a Gift

My husband had given me the Xyron Personal Cutting System back in September. I hadn't had a chance to use it until now. It's a die cut machine that will cut out different letters and shapes. Since I do scrapbooking occasionally and also a little card making, I thought it would be a good asset to have. I assembled everything according to the directions and then turned on the machine. I plugged in the template.The machine worked but the template did not. I unplugged the book and replugged it back in. I did it several times and nothing. I went back to the directions and it said to do what I was doing. This was great, I just happened to see the warranty cards fall out of the instruction book. The machine is under warranty for 1 year provided that I send in the card, 30 days after purchase. Let's see this was purchased back in the middle of September... Oh well! There was a phone number to call tech support and I found that was nonexistent. I finally went online and read there were several complaints about the pads used for this machine. Great. Finally a miracle happened and the template just started working and I was able to cut my letters.

I was looking for a special birthday gift and I found this necklace thru Chinacat Creations. Actually the necklace shown is not the one I ordered as I have wrapped it. She sent this one by mistake and then resent the similar Dance necklace that I had wanted and a pair of matching earrings to make up for the error. I was totally delighted to get the surprise. It's a beautiful necklace.

I wanted to make a personalized card that would match my gift. So I used the machine to cut out the letters of the word "Dance" and I designed a simple card. The gift is for my friend. We took several ballroom dance classes together with our husbands. My friend approaches life with happiness, joy and great passion and I thought the word, "Dance" was just a great metaphor for how she lives her life.


Catherine said...

You're so talented! I love your idea of linking the card in with the necklace and of the way the word 'dance' describes you friend. Isn't it annoying though, when things don't work properly!

palette48 said...


Thank you so much for your compliments. I appreciate them a lot.
As far as things not working, that seems to happen a lot to me. I guess someone is trying to teach me , "patience".

BetteJo said...

That's such a nice touch, you're always so creative. Like planning the shower you did, things like this. You're a pretty special lady!

palette48 said...

Thanks bette jo,

I appreciate that. I do love the creative process. It is really gratifying to make things by hand. I just love to do it.