Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Circle of Friendship

I finally finished all the ankle bracelets this weekend. Here is a photo of one. I apologize for my not so good photography. I found some cute little boxes to put them in at Michaels. I made a matching tag that says:

Our circle of friendship grew from a few to ten
Like this chain, may our bonds remain unbroken until the end.


BetteJo said...

Very nice! You must have made jewelry before, your wrapping is great! Very nice gift for your circle of friends.

palette48 said...


It's just a simple design and it is my first but I appreciate the compliment! I still have to work on the wrapping some more. Anyway, it's something to do for fun.

Catherine said...

They're really lovely! Beautifully made. The stones are a gorgeous colour. I love the little card that goes with it. Sounds like you've got a wonderful group of friends.

palette48 said...


Thanks so much. I am just a novice and would like to do this just for fun. It's a nice break from doing painting all the time.