Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Loosen It Up

I decided that I would like to develop the abstract side of my art a little more. I took a class a few years ago from a very well known artist who did this type of art. It was a tough class because I had no idea how to create art like that. In the past, I thought there was nothing to it, a monkey could paint this way. When I took the class, I realized it was not going to be easy. The teacher wanted us to come up with our own original pieces , she did not want us to copy her style . The teacher had us take paintings that we had done, tear them up, rearrange the pieces in different order and then repaint the new picture. She also had us draw things and really exaggerate the form. By the time I was done with that class, I had a healthy respect for the abstract.
Raining Blue- Mixed Media Acrylic and Watercolor

I usually do very realistic art but I want to loosen it up a little bit and so here are some small pieces that I have done:

Heavens and Moons- Mixed Media Collage , Acrylic and Watercolor

Red Iris- Watercolor and Acrylic
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Leigh Russell said...

I think it's so amazing to be challenging yourself like that and I think these are lovely.

palette48 said...

Thank you, Leigh,

I am excited to take my art in a whole different direction.

Catherine said...

I really like these new paintings! The colours are beautiful. I must admit that I do like paintings that are a bit abstract and unusual. It is a challenge though. I studied art at school and I found it really hard to 'let myself go' and be bold. It was what my teacher really wanted me to try. I think it gives you a feeling of freedom and release from all your constraints. You can reveal another side of yourself. Does that make any sense?

Go for it Palette48! I can't wait to see what you do next!

palette48 said...


That makes total sense to me. Yes, I do believe that there is some freedom to it, but like you, it is difficult for me to "surrender". I definitely like to control everything and I have found this process of letting go, very difficult!

Leigh Russell said...

Just dropped by to have another look. Yes, they're still beautiful. Really beautiful. Thank you.

BetteJo said...

Very pretty, and the 2nd one is really intriguing. And really - I'm not much of an abstract type of gal. Your talent is amazing!

palette48 said...

Thanks leigh and bette jo,

I wasn't into abstract either but my goal is to combine the abstract with the realism and see what happens.