Friday, November 23, 2007

No Improvement

I talked to my dad over the Thanksgiving holiday and it sounded like there was no real improvement in his condition. He had gone to the pulmonary specialist on Monday and basically was told to go home and wait until the middle of December and they will do another CT scan. If the CT scan shows no improvements, they will have to biopsy the lungs.

They measured my dad's blood oxygen levels and he was borderline for normal. I could tell my dad was discouraged. He's been trying to use the oxygen just at night while he sleeps but not during the day. His O2 levels are not coming back to normal on their own. I could not believe his doctor did not check him to see if he still had pneumonia. That was what they originally diagnosed him with when he was taken by ambulance to the hospital , a few weeks ago. It makes me wonder if my dad ever had pneumonia in the first place. Anyway, my dad had a coughing spell and he could not catch his breath. That had to be very scary. It's just going to be another long drawn out process for a diagnosis. In the meantime, my dad is suffering and I am frustrated.


Catherine said...

I'm sorry about your father. The waiting game is a nightmare!! It's like holding your breath. I hope he gets the right and best treatment really soon.

BetteJo said...

Anything having to breathing like that scares me silly. My Mom has COPD,and when she coughs and can't catch her breath - I hold mine. It's so awful, I feel for you and your Dad.

palette48 said...

Thanks Catherine,

Yes, I hope my dad is diagnosed quickly. In the meantime, I am looking up alternative treatments but it would help to know exactly what he has.

palette48 said...

Bette Jo,

I think it is possible for him to have COPD too as he was a long time smoker. I watched my uncle for 15 years and he had COPD. He was on oxygen the entire time and I remember it was tough to watch him try to get a breath. It is awful and I'm sorry your mom is going through that too.