Monday, August 13, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

My phone service and DSL were down most of the day as were all my neighbors too. So didn't get a chance to attend to my blog until now.

Got word the other day that a friend of my oldest was in a terrible car crash. Not something any mother wants to hear. It had sounded pretty bad and he was airlifted to a trauma center 3 hours away. Thankfully, now it looks like he will survive but he had to have hip surgery and not sure if he will need plastic surgery on his face. He went through the windshield at 80 miles an hour. Was not wearing a seat belt and it looks like alcohol was involved. I told my son to let this be a lesson to him and to his friends on what can happen when you drink and drive. They already have lost a couple of classmates in car crashes the last two years and several have been in accidents where alcohol was involved.

Decided to go to the mountains for a hike with the family. Unfortunately, we didn't check the forecast before we left. The mountains were totally under fog and rain by the time we got up there. We had to head to lower elevations to escape it. We found a sliver of sun and were able to picnic and hike under dry conditions. We had a nice hike through the woods and we walked along a raging river that had flooded back in the fall so we saw the damaged that had been done to the banks, trees and roads.

We were in our shorts but luckily brought some sweatshirts as the temperatures were in the 40's so quite chilly. Back at our house in the valley, 85 degrees. Despite the wrench in the weather, it was a fun and wonderful way to spend the last weekend with my boy before he leaves.


BetteJo said...

Sounds wonderful! I would love some cool weather about now!

So, I get to spend the week before my daughter goes back to school - without her here!!! :( She went camping, will come home and then leave for school the next day. Oh well, at least it's not the very first time she's leaving!

The drinking and driving thing is bad. So far my kids are rule-followers for the most part, designated driver and all that. But it sure is scary - you never know about their friends or the other guy on the road. I just try not to think about it when they're not home - wouldn't help anyway.

We try to raise them the best we can and count on them to carry through. Yikes! :)

palette48 said...

Bette jo,

My kids are rule-followers too and usually I have my son volunteer to drive his friends as I would rather have him behind the wheel than someone else that I don't know as well. But you are right, you raise them the best you can and just pray they make good decisions along the way. Good luck to your daughter as she starts her second year!