Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Splendor of Grapes

I recently had a customer buy several of my grape note cards and it got me thinking about painting some more grapes and vineyards. One of my favorite paintings was of grapes that I did for a New York winery. I have another grape painting that I decided to never sell because I love it so much.

I live in the middle of wine country and also concord juice grape country so there is inspiration every day. Here is the latest painting: Grapes on the Vine, done in watercolor and acrylic.


BetteJo said...

I love all your artworks - this one is really beautiful!!

The Family Jewels said...

That is gorgeous! Everything that you make is, but this is especially beautiful today when it is SUPER hot outside and it would be nice to lounge around in a vineyard surrounded by round juicy grapes.

palette48 said...

Thanks bette jo and tonia,

Many of my paintings end up on the cutting room floor but I do like how this one came out.

Anodyne said...

What a beautiful painting. I've never felt like buying art on Etsy. I just wasn't looking for it. Your painting makes me suddenly see how I could end up buying art... :)

palette48 said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it.