Thursday, August 16, 2007

Moving In

Yesterday, we dropped my son off at school. I had tried not to think about it too much and that helped. When we got to the dorm, the unloading of belongings was done quickly and efficiently. The room was on the top floor and there were no elevators just a ramp. It was bigger than I thought which was a good thing. We had a whole van load of things and was not sure it was all going to fit in that small space. The roommate, my son's best friend, also arrived at the same time and I was amazed that the room was able to accommodate everything. The moms' jobs were to unpack. We put their clothes in the closet and drawers and made their beds. It was special because this was one of our last motherly duties that we could do for them.

You can't go to college without a computer and my son's computer that we ordered back in July is still MIA . We got word last week that Dell was having major problems and it won't be shipped until the end of this month. I was quite concerned about that but what can you do.

We got lost going to the bookstore. I told my husband to get directions and we ended up parking
2 miles away and then walked up a huge hill in the heat to the store. Later found out that we should have gone right not left and it was only down the street about 1/2 mile from the dorm.

We had ordered all the books online a month ago. It was a fiasco then because the website wouldn't accept the 3 gift cards my son had gotten as graduation gifts. He ended up having to call the order in. When we went to pick up the books, they either lost the order or had not processed it yet. They couldn't tell us which and he has to go back and check another day. I was not happy about the glitch. We wanted to get the used books and now that may not be possible, also all the gift cards are back at home.

We dropped my son off at the dorm and said a somewhat emotional goodbye. Even my husband choked up and he is one that usually doesn't shed a tear. Now that I am back home, the house does feel empty and I know that unlike the other times Nick has been gone, this time is different.


BetteJo said...

It really IS different, I know. But like everything else, you adjust to it.

My daughter hasn't left yet, that will be this weekend. I found a good deal on a fridge for her with free shipping so am having it shipped right to school. Plus, she went online herself and ordered all of her books, used, and had them shipped to school. That actually worked out very well.

Sounds like you had some snags, but hopefully all will go smoothly from here on out.

First time dropping my daughter off - the worst that happened was my slipping and falling the minute I stepped off the curb when we were done unpacking and going out to get something to eat. It was winter,there had been freezing rain, so my butt was totally soaked. I got to sit in a restaurant and in the car for 4 hours after that, feeling like I was about to grow mildew!

It all works out. The best part - seeing how happy she was to see me the first time she came home to visit! Something to look forward to!!

palette48 said...

I agree I think my son will appreciate us a little more being away from us. I am so glad he didn't go to school on the other side of the country. Some of my friends only got to see their college kids at Christmas and that was it. Mine will be home at least 4 times before Christmas and we will be going over there for football games.

The first year will definitely be the hardest. I did not call him today but he ended up calling me so I did get to find out how his first day on campus was. He met up with some of his high school buddies and he was having a good time so I was happy to hear that.