Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Improving the Shot

I know nothing about photography but decided I needed a crash course on how to improve my shots. After reading, I was able to make an inexpensive but very functional light box. Lighting was another challenge and also figuring out how to read the directions for my point and shoot digital camera was something I dreaded having to do. I tried to shoot against white paper but it came out dark and yellowish. I adjusted the white balance on my camera, trying first the fluorescent and then the incandescent setting. I switched to a darker background and that gave the best shot. I still have a ways to go but the picture is improving.

Here is my latest ceramic tile pendant with muted flowers called Valentine Roses in my Etsy Store.


BetteJo said...

Oooh - thanks for the link! I think your photos have always been good - being an artist - you have a good eye. Love the pendent - and I love the dotted background too!

palette48 said...

thanks bette jo,

I'm excited about improving the photography. The light box looks like it will solve a lot of problems.