Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Shower

My 44 year-old friend is due in less than two months. Been there, done that and glad that it is not me. Though, I am very happy for my friend who already has a grown daughter and wanted to give her new husband who has never been married, a child. The baby shower is tonight.

Our Girls Nite Out group of 10 women have known each other for several years. 6 of us started the group 15 years ago and met once a month. We went to dinner, plays, concerts or just had parties in our homes. Lately, with everyone going in different directions, it has been difficult to get together.

The few times we have met this year, I could not as I was attending to my son. Since he is doing very well, I will be able to go to the shower tonite and it will be fun to see everyone and get caught up.


BetteJo said...

Sounds wonderful - it's so hard when lives all go in different directions! Have a great time!

palette48 said...

It was fun! And the Mexican food we made was great. I think my friend enjoyed it and she got a lot of cute baby clothes and baby items.