Thursday, September 6, 2007

Decluttering the Clutter

I decided that my house needs to be decluttered. My bedroom especially. The master bedroom is small and has no walk-in closet. A contractor is supposed to come over and give us an estimate on what it would cost to knock out walls between the master and spare bedrooms and the bathroom. I really don't want him in these rooms until I have had a chance to get rid of a lot of junk. My spare room has all my art supplies and ex ebay items in there. The things I still have not sold. You can't even open the door to get in the room because it is that packed. My husband keeps asking me where am I going to put all these things if we enlarge our bedroom and get rid of the spare. Good question! That's why I need to go through everything and get rid of whatever I can.

If we can get the contractor to take out and rebuild new walls, my husband can do the rest. He is so handy. He will be able to tile in a new shower, put in a double vanity in the bathroom and redo all the wood flooring. He's done plumbing and electrical work when we added our addition 13 years ago, so I know he can handle this project too. We are going to look at model homes this weekend to get some ideas on new master bedrooms with bath and walk-in closets.

The problem is we also wanted to go to Australia next year and that is going to be quite expensive. My oldest son is in college and we are taking no loans out to pay for that. Money will be tight so we will have to weigh all the options and see what is feasible.

My son came home for Labor Day and it was so nice to see his smiling face. He ate a lot, slept a lot, asked for money and hung out with friends .We had to buy a HP laptop computer at Best Buy at the spur-of-the-moment because the one my son ordered from Dell for school was put on back order and shipping was delayed twice. I was not happy about that. The HP looks like it will work out great and it has a webcam so we will be able to communicate with my boy if he ever decides to get on.


BetteJo said...

What? No laundry?? My daughter was home too - and brought a bunch of dirty clothes with her. She ran me out of laundry detergent but at least she washed them herself?

Nice to have him home for a minute and a half, huh?

palette48 said...

Oh no, he did bring laundry home but not the whole two and 1/2 weeks worth. He did do laundry twice while he was at school.

And yes, it was great to have him home.