Thursday, October 4, 2007

Turned the corner

I haven't posted much on my son's condition because it hadn't changed that much until this week. For once, his stomach discomfort is now down to almost a zero. He's been able to do PE without having terrible stomach cramps. Instead of coming in close to last in the mile run, he has been coming in second place. His stool coloring is almost normal so I am thinking, perhaps, he is coming out of whatever flare up he had.

For dinner I made Easy Pork Stir Fry with Peanut Mole Sauce. Definitely could have caused Andy major problems. Pork has a lot more fat in it than chicken. There was tomato sauce and cocoa too. He had this meal for two days and had absolutely no problems. I'm still holding my breath and don't know if I'm going to try him on dairy. I think it would probably be healthier to eliminate dairy for good.

My son and I discussed that we should still try to maintain a low-fat diet although it won't have to be as restrictive as it's been. But mainly what my son wanted was to be able to go out with friends, eat pizza , hamburgers, drink pop and be just a kid without worrying that his GI system might go berserk. I am hopeful that he will get his wish soon.


BetteJo said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was just.plain.over??? And you never know - since no one really knows what has been happening - it could have been an acute case of something - which is temporary. With no lasting ill-effects. I'm hoping for that. Young boys his age ought to be able to run with the crowd, doing the "I am young and can eat anything I want without thinking about it" thing. Be carefree.
I believe it could happen! :)

palette48 said...

I do hope so too. Kids have enough problems without having to deal with health issues on top of that. Thanks for all your support. It has helped immensely!