Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Want Spring Back

I know that the leaves are turning color and are starting to drop. This is my husband's favorite time of year. He loves to feel the cool crisp fall breeze on his face and hear the rustle of leaves blowing on the ground. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same. I freeze around this time, especially since my husband likes to keep the thermostat at 65 degrees. I don't like bare naked trees which they soon will be in a few weeks. Yes, the colors are pretty but spring has beautiful colors too with all the flowering trees and shrubs. I felt the urge to paint more spring flowers even though I will have to wait another 6 months or so to see the real thing.

Here is my latest: Iris Garden in my etsy store


Leigh Russell said...

What a beautiful beautiful picture. Just beautiful.

palette48 said...

Thank you very much, Leigh, I appreciate it.

Catherine said...

Hi Palette48 - I know just how you feel. Spring's all about new growth, new life and the beginning of Summer! I try to make sure my house is well lit and we have lots of candles and lamps to make it feel cosy. I think you're going to have to surreptitiously turn that thermostat up! Brrrrr.

You're painting's lovely. Really gorgeous colours.

BetteJo said...

I am SO glad I control the thermostat at my house!

Beautiful painting, as usual, love it!!