Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip to San Antonio

Our trip to San Antonio is coming up this week and I am going to have to start getting things together for it. Thankfully we did a lot of shopping last week and got the boys set on clothes for the trip. I am not looking forward to flying with all the flight cancellations lately. Last year, when we went to Hawaii, it was a bear dealing with all the security measures and even though we had e tickets and did our check-in online, we still had to wait 45 minutes because passengers that were late for their flights were allowed to go ahead of us. Traveling has become such a hassle.

The good thing is that I will get to see my parents and the rest of my relatives. I hadn't seen the group since our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico and that was a few years back.

My mom's side of the family has had a reunion every year in a different location for the last 12 years.

This year, my son's girlfriend is coming on the trip so I had to book a two room suite at the Marriott. That should be really interesting. My brother and his family will be there too and we hadn't seen them since my parent's fiftieth in 2006.

We plan to hit Sea World, the Alamo and the River Walk. We have one day open and will play that by ear. Should be a fun time.


~Melanie said...

Hi there. I was surfing to find blogs of moms who live in San Antonio and I found yours. Just wanted to tell you to have fun in here.. oh and I saw on the weather forecast this evening that some big storms are coming this way, hope you don't get caught in them, but I have to say, I hope they reach us. It has been so dry.

I also saw that your a part of Etsy. I have an account but haven't done anything with it yet. I wanted to speak to a member or few first before I invest... Is Etsy a pretty successful place to sell? Do you have any insights or tips? My url is Syaptic.etsy
Nice watercolors btw :)

palette48 said...


Thanks for the weather report. Yes, I hope we don't get rained on.

I would say Etsy is a great place to sell handmade items. I have been able to sell better here than any other site except ebay.With ebay's high fees, I think I come out ahead on Etsy so I would suggest you give it a try.