Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally Another Painting

I haven't been very prolific these days but I did manage to kick out this latest original called simply, "Peach Roses." I really need to make a trip to the art store to replenish my supply of brushes and paper.

Peach Roses in my Etsy Store

My new Canon printer is working fine. I had to play around with my card files as the alignment was totally different on the new printer. That was a bit of a pain. Also all the settings are not the same so I ended up printing several things out just to get an idea on how the settings affected the final product. It's now printing almost identical to my old printer which is great!


Leora said...

Which Canon printer did you buy?

Beautiful roses.

palette48 said...

I bought the canon pixma ip 4500. I like the fact that the printer was affordable, cartriges were less and the colors were separate. This had the best review by users than any of the other comparable printers I looked at.

BetteJo said...

You like pinks and oranges in your flowers, don't you? I'm sure it's one reason I am so attracted to your paintings. And even when you paint flowers of similar colors - they are still different. Beautiful!

Catherine said...

I love your painting, it really leaps out from the canvas! The colours are so beautiful!