Saturday, April 5, 2008

What is Qassia? It's something a little different. You can sign up your websites for free and it will help you gain valuable quality backlinks. You can earn qassia dollars that are really just points by adding intel (short for intelligence) which are tidbits of information. Each intel provides a backlink to your website. The more qassia dollars you earn, the better ranking you will receive in search engines. You can also gain qassia dollars by reviewing other people's intel. Each intel needs 12 reviews before credit can be given. I have already learned some interesting facts just by reading other people's tidbits.

Real money also can be made through Google Adsense Ads that run on your Qassia User Page. Need to have a Google Adsense account though. You will get all of the revenue that is generated by that page.

Qassia is in beta and they are giving away a lot more points than usual. When they go public the points will diminish to a more reasonable amount. The only way to sign up right now is to go through this Quassia's User's Page.

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