Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Asbestos in My House

I just wrote about this on my other blog. I went ahead and got the carpet and linoleum tested. Turns out the glue in the linoleum is 50% asbestos! We have to take out the linoleum in order to tile in our master bathroom floor. It's not a big area but still it is going to be a big headache.

Our contractor has not step foot in our house since we called him initially to see if he could do the remodeling. It is going on the 4th week I think. My husband and I went ahead and did all the demolition, took out walls and drywall. My husband framed in new walls and now we wait until the contractor comes to put drywall in and texture. My neighbor is an electrician so we are hiring him to do our wiring. I am working on getting the cabinet makers in to measure so they can give us an estimate on bathroom vanities.

Meanwhile my house is a disaster. My college son is coming home for the summer and he has no place to live. My husband and I took over his room and so he will have to move in with his younger brother. Something he said he was not looking forward to.

My toilet finally came in for the small bathroom. I did get the bathroom painted doing the faux method and it turned out really well. Now I have to paint the cabinets in there and my husband has to tile the floor. I have a sneaking suspicion that we may have an asbestos problem with the little bathroom too. I hope not but that is the way things are going.

My advice is to get your house tested (as in flooring and popcorn ceilings) if it was built in the early 80's or before and if you are planning to remodel these areas. Everyone told me that I shouldn't have any problems with asbestos because my house was built in 1978. Well, there never was a total ban on asbestos and products that quit using asbestos still sold off their old stock with asbestos in it during the late 70's and into the eighties. I am glad I trusted my instincts and ignored all the experts.


Catherine said...

What a nightmare!! My brother and sister-in-law have an asbestos problem and their house was built in the late 70's. I hope all gets back to normal for you asap!!!

BetteJo said...

Oh too much activity! Stop the madness! :)

Sorry but, better you than me. I hate it when things are all in disarray. Makes me crazy. On the other hand - I LOVE the change it can bring!

Hope it all turns out wonderfully! :)