Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fleeting Daffodils

My daffodils are all about gone but not before I had a chance to paint a few of them. They were one of the first hints of color to emerge in the spring and I am sorry to see them go.

The daffodils were first written about in 6th century AD by Mohammed. They were mainly growing wild for centuries until some Englishmen in the 1600's decided to tame them and bring them into the garden. Their popularity continued to spread and now there are over 20,000 hybrid varieties being grown in the world.

I wish the flowers would last all summer but since they do not, I thought it was fitting to call my latest painting, "Fleeting Daffodils".

Fleeting Daffodils found under SOLD in my Etsy Store


Leora said...

Lovely. Somehow you take ordinary daffodils (I have some growing in various parts of my garden) and make them trumpeting soldiers of orange and yellow shades.

first daffodils were written
do you mean grown? always interesting to analyze our typos.

Catherine said...

Wow - I'm not surprised that your painting's on its way to a new home. It's so vibrant and makes me feel really positive. I love daffs - they're everywhere at the moment which means that finally the winter's over. Hooray!!

palette48 said...

Thanks Leora!

Thanks Catherine,

I had just put this on and didn't expect it to sell so quickly. It was a nice surprise. Yes, I am glad winter is over!

BetteJo said...

Lovely - yes I think that is the best word to describe that painting. And beautiful!
Congrats for selling it right away - that is SO cool!