Friday, December 14, 2007

Interesting Facts is Debatable

I have been tagged by Catherine at La Perle and I must come up with 5 interesting facts about myself. This is going to be hard:

  • I worked as an aphid specialist . There are only a handful in the world that can identify different species of them. Was second author on a book about identification of species.
  • I am the owner of two donkeys, Poncho and Yoshi. They are very good alarm clocks. Don't need a rooster to get you up in the morning when these two guys are around.
  • Whitewater rafted for the first time in my life, last year. It was a great experience!
  • Competed in a couple of horse shows and placed in both.
  • Would love to learn the guitar, speak Spanish and become a good ballroom dancer
Glad I only had to come up with 5 things. Anymore and I would have been in trouble.


BetteJo said...

It's tough, isn't it? Donkey clocks, huh? Interesting! And aphids? Aphids??? :)

Catherine said...

You're a woman of hidden and many talents!!! You should definitely do the last three things on your list and see where they take you!!! I love the sound of your donkeys.

palette48 said...


yes, it's a little strange, I have to admit. I was always fascinated with insects when I was younger. Also had iguanas and reptiles for pets when I was a kid. Now in my old age, I am going more mainstream with donkeys.

palette48 said...


I hope I can stick with it and learn espanol and the guitar. I just signed up for my 5th ballroom dance class.

Catherine said...

Good for you!! I started to learn the classical guitar a few years ago, but then my teacher became really ill and that was that!