Friday, May 23, 2008

No More Babies

I am coming to the stage in life where my kids are almost grown and I am looking forward to retirement. Imagine my shock when I learned my 46 year old friend was pregnant. She had just remarried about 3 years ago and her new husband had never had a child. It was a high risk pregnancy but things went smoothly and she ended up having a beautiful baby girl.

My friends and I got together and threw her a shower. It was so much fun. I wished I had known about a site called . One of their products, Mutsy Stroller called the 4 rider next converts into many options. One is a rolling bassinet, a forward push stroller, has a car seat adapter,leather handle and more. Also there are many colors to choose from. This is a really neat innovative interchangeable product and I wished it was around when my kids were born.

However, I definitely do not want anymore babies. To my friend I say, better she than me!

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BetteJo said...

The stuff they have now is light years ahead of what they had when my kids were little. But starting over with a new one at 46? Wow. I can't even think about it. :)